how to get my own bally slot machine to examine my bill acceptor Malawi

Posted on March 23, 2023 in Casino Royale by okomeoyatsu

How to Get Your Own Bally Slot Machine to Examine Your Bill Acceptor in Malawi

Many people around the world love playing slot machines, whether for fun or with the hope of winning big. However, sometimes these machines can malfunction with problems like a bill acceptor that refuses to accept bills. This can be frustrating, especially if you are a Malawian who enjoys playing slot machines. Fortunately, if you have your own Bally slot machine in Malawi and you want to examine your bill acceptor, there is a way to do it.

What You’ll Need

To examine your bill acceptor in a Bally slot machine, you’ll need a few items. Here is what you need:

  • A Bally slot machine
  • Access to the bill acceptor
  • A manufacturer’s guide for your specific model
  • A voltmeter with alligator clips
  • A computer with a serial port
  • A bill of the denomination you want to test

Steps to Follow

Once you have all the items you need, you can follow these steps to examine your bill acceptor in a Bally slot machine.

Step 1: Turn off the Bally slot machine

Make sure the Bally slot machine is turned off before starting any work. This is important to avoid getting shocked by any electrical components inside the machine.

Step 2: Access the Bill Acceptor

Once the Bally slot machine is turned off, open the bill acceptor compartment to access the bill acceptor. The bill acceptor is typically located in the lower part of the machine.

Step 3: Check the Connections

Check the connections on the bill acceptor to ensure everything is properly connected. Make sure the bills are not crumpled, folded, or wrinkled as these can cause problems.

Step 4: Test the Bill Acceptor with a Voltmeter

Connect the voltmeter with alligator clips to the red and black wires of the bill acceptor. Turn the machine on and insert your bill of the desired denomination to see if the bill acceptor is functioning properly.

Step 5: Connect the Machine to the Computer

Connect the Bally slot machine to a computer with a serial port using the correct cable. You can use a mouse or keyboard to navigate the software.

Step 6: Test the Bill Acceptor with the Computer

Use the manufacturer’s guide to calibrate the bill acceptor with the computer. Once it’s done, test the machine with different bills of the desired denomination to ensure the bill acceptor is working properly.


Having your own Bally slot machine in Malawi can be a fun and exciting experience. However, if you’re experiencing problems with the bill acceptor, it can be frustrating. By following these steps, you can examine your bill acceptor to ensure it’s functioning properly. Remember to always turn off your machine before working on it and take any necessary safety precautions to avoid injury. Enjoy your Bally slot machine and good luck!